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Mommy, Am I Brown?  was developed through my own personal experience with my son. He came home from school one day and asked, “Mommy, am I brown?” My initial response was a simple yes. However, I knew that I had to say more, so I sat down to put my thoughts on paper. Mommy, Am I Brown?  was written to inspire and ignite creativity not only in my own children but to others as well. 

 Kids relate to the vibrancy of colors. Mommy, Am I Brown? uses this connection to encourage children to think beyond what is on the outside and to look deeper. Through the love of a mother, Mommy, Am I Brown?  inspires girls and boys to use their imagination to unlock their dreams and discover that anything is possible. 

 Mommy, Am I Brown? begins as a normal day in the park with Eli and his mother. His curiosity is sparked when they grab his favorite treat. As they experience the day, he soon realizes that he is connected to the world in more ways than he realized. 

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